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What to Do? Season 1 Episode 3 / It Happens Alone / Gökhan Konas

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Gökhan summarizes his story on his website as follows;

In 2011, my first camping experience in Mount Ida, which I didn't really want to go to, had a great impact on me. It reminded me of some of the things we forget in our city lives that we become a part of without realizing it. I realized again the taste of being in nature, the feeling of freedom of being on the road, and that seeing new places and meeting new people is "really" living.

Since then, I have been addicted to traveling as much as possible, seeing new places, tasting different flavors and actually being on the road. I followed many blogs (and still do) and learned a lot while trying to understand this lifestyle. I wanted to share my experiences and what I have seen, thinking that maybe my writings and perspective can be useful for someone.

...and was born


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